Gowriehill's Pupil Council

Welcome to the Gowriehill Pupil Council page.

On this page you will find out more about the Pupil Council and what we do to help the school become better for everyone.



Our Job

As Pupil Council representatives we do lots of things, including:

  1. Having regular meetings to talk about how to make improvements in the school.

  2. Organising questionnaires for the classes to see what they enjoy or want to change about the school

  3. Planning for ideas on how we can make our school look better, like, for example, we made posters to show how we would like our four new gardens to look when we are finished constructing them.

How we are chosen

All Pupil Council Members from primaries 1-7 are chosen by other children in their class voting for them. The two pupils with the highest votes are chosen to become a Pupil Council representative. This takes place every year after the summer holidays.

Our Members are-

Cameron Prophet 

Kyle Mitchell

James Hennessy

Lucy Fettes

Brandon Mitchell

Nihal Bouabid

Adam Snedden

Mia Harris

Beth Ward 


Why our job is important to us and others


 Our job is important to us because we enjoy responsibility and we feel like role models to the younger pupils in the school. We also enjoy being Pupil Council representatives because we have an important part to play. Pupils throughout the school can give us their ideas and thoughts and these can be discussed at our Council meetings.


We have our meetings with Mrs Kearns who takes a note of our ideas. Gowriehill pupils have had great ideas, including suggestions for our garden project, resources for playground games & how to improve the look of our toilet areas. This gives pupils the opportunity to have a voice in making important decisions in the school. Pupils also tell us what they like about our school and it's good to know that the children here are happy learners.


Our Conclusion

We love being Pupil Council Representatives and enjoy helping to make a difference in our school.