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Welcome to our web page on Road Safety. On this web page you will find out how to Keep Safe in the Dark and you can also have a peep at our notice board.


Gowriehill's Junior Road Safety Officers





Abbie Williamson-Carroll

Sam Roworth

Josh Townshend

Rhys Reynolds

Jamie McCabe

Kali Hornby

Adam Snedden




The J.R.S.O's

We help our local Road Safety Officer promote Road Safety issues within the school and local community.

Every year the new J.R.S.O's go to Baluniefield Police Station where they get all the information that they need to be a Junior Road Safety Officer and they also get their packs.

In the packs you get a J.R.S.O pen, badge and a book which tells you all you need to know to get started. It also gives you ideas for competitions!

Our Notice Board


Every season we make a Road Safety Notice Board to make everyone aware of the dangers to look out for at different
times of the year.

We are always updating our notice board with new seasonal warnings and we put posters up all around the school.
Our Board is in a place which is easily seen by everyone in the school. It is bright and well set out. We change it regularly. We keep it simple and make it easy for everyone to understand the information. Often we are given display materials, however, we can display our own pictures and notices to go along with the current theme.

We also use our board to display any good work that children in our school have done.

Here are some pictures of our notice board and posters...

A poster designed by a pupil in our school

This is a picture of our badge:










Children and Adult Road Safety

The Green Cross Code:

  1. Arrive Alive

  2. Stop Look Listen Live

Spring Road Safety:

  1. Clocks Change - beware of darker mornings

  2. Always find a safe place to cross the road

  3. Be safe, be seen

Summer Road Safety:

  1. The sun can dazzle drivers

  2. Be safe, be seen

  3. Always find a safe place to play (away from traffic)

  4. Take care when walking or cycling to school

Autumn Road Safety:

  1. Remember to use the Green Cross Code

  2. Always wear a seat belt

  3. Always wear bright clothing

Winter Road Safety:

  1. Snow can stop drivers from seeing properly

  2. Be safe, be seen

  3. Beware of icy pavements


Other Useful Web Sites :











Keeping Safe in the Dark

  • To keep safe in the dark you will have to wear bright clothes, refelctive jackets and get lights on your bike if you are cycling at night.


Did You Know?

  • In Scotland, more young people up to the age of 19, will be killed in a road accident than by drugs.

  • Children who cycle under the age of 10 find it difficult to cope in traffic.

  • Young children from 5-9 years old find it more difficult deciding when it is safe to cross a road. Children under 5 years old should always cross with an adult.

  • The critical time for children to be involved in road accidents is during the week from 3.00pm-5.00pm.

Being a J.R.S.O is fun !!!