About Gowriehill

School Hours For Pupils

P1 - P7 9.00 am - 3.15 pm NB: P1 attend from 9.00 am - 12.15 pm for first 3 weeks only
Lunch Break 12.15 pm - 1.15 pm
Interval 10.30 am - 10.45 am

About the School

Our school roll stands at 123. The pupils are organised into 5 classes. Pupils with Additional Support Needs are integrated into classes or taught in a small group setting as appropriate. They are supported by their class teacher and members of staff who are specially trained to help pupils with specific learning difficulties. We are fortunate to have support from parents in fund raising for the school. We try to support one main charity each year so that parents are not being asked to donate to charity too often. The Parent Council has been active in supporting the work of the school. They have organised a number of successful fund raising events. Pupils participate in field trips in the local area and beyond. These trips enhance work being done in the classroom. Primary 7 pupils have, for a number of years now, spent an activity week at Dalguise House. This has encouraged teamwork and introduced pupils to new skills in pursuits such as abseiling and archery. We encourage theatre groups, music groups etc to come to school thus enhancing the experience offered to pupils. Achievements within school or in personal time are recognised and pupils are given opportunities to demonstrate skills and talents in a range of contexts. Information meetings are held for Primary 1 parents as well as for parents of older children when this is appropriate. Parents are encouraged to visit school and discuss any aspect of their child’s education. We are happy to show prospective and current parents round the school and answer questions from them. This should be done via an appointment with the Head Teacher. In the interests of security all visitors to the school are asked to sign in and out. Visitors are issued with a badge to wear during their visit. The Senior Management Team cover classes for three days in the event of absence of a teacher. This may sometimes conflict with our Open Door policy but every effort will be made to see parents on the day that suits them. If there is any matter which is causing concern to you or your child please do not hesitate to contact school so that the issue can be discussed and resolved as quickly as possible. If the matter does not constitute an emergency it is always better to make an appointment although we will try to make arrangements if the matter is urgent.

Head Teacher