Parent Council - Who We Are

Who We Are

The Parent Council are a group of parents who have been selected in accordance with the Parent Council constitution to represent all the parents of children at our school. Parents of any child at Gowriehill Primary can seek to be part of the Parent Council in line with arrangements set out in the constitution.

The Parent Council can co-opt other members as it sees fit.

Our Aims

The aims of the Parent Council are:-

  1. To work together with everyone involved in school life - parents, learners, teachers, school staff and the wider community
  2. To make sure that all parents have a say in their children's education - and are able to express their views and wishes
  3. To build links between the school, parents, pupils, nurseries and pre-school groups and the community
  4. Our Parent Council meets at least approximately once each term and meetings are open to all parents.


Getting Involved

Any input you have is always appreciated by the Parent Council - anything from serving teas at a fundraising event to being a regular member of the Parent Council.

If you want to get involved you can speak to any of the current members or contact the school.

You can also contact us on our Facebook page