HMIe Inspection and Reports

About HMIe Inspections and Reports: Each year, HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIe) inspects and reports on the quality of education in both pre-school (nursery) centres and primary schools. When selecting schools for inspection, the HMIe ensures that their annual programme includes a broad range. For example: rural and urban; small, medium and large; and denominational and non-denominational. The programme of inspections is drawn from all 32 local authorities in Scotland and includes independent (non-state) schools. Currently, the HMIe are moving towards what is sometimes called a ‘generational cycle’ of school inspection. This cycle is designed to ensure that parents can typically expect to receive both a primary school inspection report and a secondary school inspection report at some point during the time that their child is in the school system. In other words, the HMIe are committed to inspecting a primary school (either an initial inspection or a follow-up) every seven years. Using this ‘cycle,’ the HMIe hopes to have every primary school inspected by 2009. Gowriehill was initially inspected in September 2006 which resulted in several action plans being devised to improve certain areas of the school. A follow-through inspection was subsequently done in December 2008, the results of which were published in January 2009. The school is delighted with the results of this follow-through inspection. Please click on the description below to view the current report: (note that it may take a while to download, depending on your connection speed).

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